Department of Linguistics

Course Structure: MA Linguistics
Semester I
Code Course Title
LIN-101 Introduction to Language & Linguistics
LIN-102 Phonetics
LIN-103 Phonology
LIN-104 Morphology

Semester II
Code Course Title
LIN-201 Syntax
LIN-202 Lexicography
LIN-203 Sociolinguistics
LIN-204 Tibeto-Burman Linguistics

Semester III
Code Course Title
LIN-301 Manipuri Linguistics
LIN-302 Historical & Comparative Linguistics
LIN-303 Stylistics
LIN-304 Translation

Semester IV
Code Course Title
Compulsory Papers
LIN-401 Field Method
LIN-402 Semantics
Optional (Two Papers to be Opted)
LIN-403 Language Teaching
LIN-404 Psycholinguistics
LIN-405 Transformational Generative Grammar
LIN-406 Computational Linguistics